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Saturday, 7 November 2015

My first video and fireworks night

Harrison having a lovely time with Grandma and Grandad.
Well, it's been a pretty eventful day! I have finally uploaded my first vlog on youtube, which you can find here woop woop! I talk about bits and pieces I've found over the last few weeks and loved, including a super cosy jumper (which of course has something sparkly on it) I bought today and a great book I'm reading at the moment. But do you know what I haven't added to the video that I'm so excited about? FROSTED FANCIES! My favourite little cakes in the whole wide world! They are vanilla-y and soft and just so yummy and they remind me that we are fast approaching Christmas season!

Me sporting a cosy poncho from Primark
SO, fireworks night! Harrison decided that fireworks were 'too noisy' so we just did some quiet ones in our garden. We had a lovely time and still got a free show from the view out of our window all night! I LOVE fireworks - they are so beautiful, they warm my heart. I won't lie, the child in me was a bit upset when Harrison seemed so un-keen on going to a display! But as a lot of you out there know, we adapt and make sacrifices as parents.  Flossie (the cat) didn't seem phased at all by the fireworks; not much bothers Flossie. She's sat curled up on the fluffy rug in front of the fire as I type.

Beautiful sparkler

I hope you enjoy my first video - the editing is a bit naff but I'm sure I'll get better as I go along :) 

Peter having a lovely time

I hope you all have a lovely rest of the weekend!


Friday, 6 November 2015

Oh hey!

The Bub and Hubby
So this is my very first post. I had better introduce myself! My name is Alice and I am a full time working Mum. (Bloody hard work if you ask me!) I have a husband called Pete, a 2 year old son called Harrison and a cat called Flossie (can't forget her, she pretty much rules the roost). My likes - makeup, beauty, Music (I'm a singer), interior design (Pinterest is the best for help with this), anything sparkly and  just spending time with family and being a Mummy!! My job is a lifestyle in itself - I'm a primary school teacher which takes up quite a lot of my time. I absolutely love it though and wouldn't want it any other way!
Floss cat

This blog is going to include a mixture of lifestyle, babies, beauty and anything else I can think of really! I will add tips, reviews of products and any handy ideas I pick up along the way. Please comment below if there is anything you feel you'd like me to talk about/ give advice on and I will do my best.