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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Oh heyyyy

Oh hey!

Remember me? Probably not, it's been a while. Where does they time go, ey? No, seriously, it feels like 5 minutes since I was all like "YEAH! I'm me! I'm gonna do some singing!" Well, I actually did and I've finally got round to recording it. I was very frustrated by technology today as my bloody camera kept stopping in the middle of recording and before this version I did the song perfectly and it decided to stop recording about 4 seconds before the end. GAHHH!!! So, this isn't the most perfect version but it will do!

I've also joined a band. We're called WASABIP (long story) and we're writing some awesome music! If you're local, we're doing a gig at the Basement in Chelmsford on 30th August where we will not only be performing in public for the first time but also headlining! Be there or be square is all I can say. We're finding it hard to choose a genre of music we belong to. We play a bit of jazz, blues, ska, rock etc. Basically we love mixing it up!

I hope you enjoy the video, I will be sharing more music, hopefully not in 6 months time but much sooner!

Have a fab long weekend!