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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The wisdom tooth is out...

I can safely say my top right wisdom tooth was removed today. Now, as soon as my friends and family found out I was having the tooth removed, all I got was "oh that's really aweful" and "ouch, it  hurts so much!" I heard all the horror stories to the point that when I got to the dentist I was absolutely petrified. Now I've been quite stressed recently and suffering with panic attacks and I knew one was imminent when I arrived. As I lay in the plastic coated seat hyperventilating, the dentist popped some numbing cream in my mouth,  injected my gum, which was the worst bit but by no means as bad as shoving a child out of my vajayjay; a quick pull 5 minutes later and it was out! It didn't hurt at all although unsurprisingly is sore now so either everyone is making a fuss for nothing or my dentist is a miracle worker. What do you think? Have you had a wisdom tooth out? Was it that bad? Let's discuss! 
I must say I did receive an adorable bag containing my tooth along with a little message reminding me to put it under my pillow for the tooth fairy. I look forward to her visit tonight...
Over and out.

Monday, 7 November 2016

busy busy!

Well it has certainly been a busy few months! We have had some amazing times! Let me give you the low down...
We visited Venice, just the three of us. Venice is absolutely beautiful and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who loves a view and picture perfect moments. However, I wouldn't recommend visiting the area to anyone who has a three year old toddler. Probably should have thought this one through... there is a lot of water...and no barriers... and lots of steps which are not ideal for buggies...we spent the majority of the time chasing Harrison and having him ask 'Is there a park?' By the end of the trip we were exhausted so we managed to locate a park, a boat trip away and stayed there! It's also very easy to get lost there so I would recommend a Venice site seeing app that has GPS!

Picture perfect

Said grumpy toddler

Had an amazing bubble bath whilst watching Bridemaids.
As you do when in Venice...

St. Mark's Square
As this was during the Easter holidays I have another week off so I decided to go to Spain with my parents and Harrison (Pete was back at work) in their motorhome with their yappy dog, Phoebe.  Spain was amazing and I would definitely love to return (much more child friendly) but I don't think I thought through (there's a pattern here) all of us sharing a small enclosed space for a long period of time including a two day journey through France to get home. Harrison was actually very well behaved. I, however, was climbing the walls! I like to stop and see the sights so next time we go we will be flying! We saw some absolutely beautiful sights in Spain...

Said yappy dog

Guadalest - a beautiful town in the mountains of Spain. Well worth a visit! Heavenly.

The port in Barcelona. Such a beautiful city!

A beautiful sandy beach, somewhere near Benidorm.
We had a reasonably quiet June half term and were off holidaying again in the summer holidays. This time it was to our home away from home in France. We have a house in the Deux Sevres region of France; a tranquil location in the middle of the countryside with the nearest neighbour a mile away. When out in France we visited Terra Botanic. I would say it's well worth a visit there - especially with kids but just as much for adults too.

They had these super dressed up characters.
They scare the hell out of me but H loved them.

Lots of beautiful picture opportunities. Here I am in the Japanese
hydrangea garden.

Terra Botanic is a great place to go if you
love plants and nature.
One of my favourite sites in France is Saumur, a town situated beside the Loire river. We went to a jazz night at the wonderful Gratien et Meyer, a wine celler (if you like wine, Saumur is a good place to go). I think we paid something like 8 euros and got free bubbly and live jazz music as well as a stunning view as it is based on top of a steep hill.

H and Pete having a great time.

The gorgeous views up in Gratien et Meyer.
 My favourite town along the coast in France has to be La Rochelle. The old town with its cobble stone roads has such a great atmosphere, particularly in the summer months when the night market is in full swing and street entertainers line the roads; not to mention the food - fresh seafood and ice-cream of all flavours. Yum!

A picture perfect town

You can park and ride a boat into the town centre.
Then in September it was back to reality and back to school! As well as all of the amazing trips, I have been working very hard on my singing and have been picking up more gigs. If you or anyone you know need a singer, check me out at Alice Loates Singer . I will be back soon with an update on work and mum life!

Have a super week!