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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

My two fave eggs

Hello and welcome back to Alice's Wonderland!

So, by popular demand (the one person who commented when I shared my last post on Facebook hehe) I am going to write about my two good eggs, AKA my besties. I have two amazing best friends and here they are. We met when I used to work at a financial services company about 4 years ago. I have since left and my husband has taken my place which is weird cause I feel like he sees my besties more than I do! However, on the flip side I have amazing spies and naggers, so swings and roundabouts. When we first met I was like "wow, these ladies have some sass about them!" We hit it off straight away and have been so close ever since. I love them to the moon and back. What do we do when we're together? Well mostly giggling and eating food! That and watching re-runs of Bridget Jones, Sex and the City or Bridesmaids - on loop! I do occasionally try to encourage them to watch a wider range of films but we always go back to our roots! We LOVE quoting from Bridesmaids - it cheers us up and gets us through the day.

Bridesmaid quote

 One things these girls will do is tell it like it is and that's what I love about them. If we've got a problem, we spill and we sort it out. We can discuss just about anything as well and share all our problems while giving honest opinions. After all, we want what's best for each other! One of the gals recently persuaded me to get my nether regions waxed. "It will change your life!" she said. It was the first wax I've ever had and oh my, did it hurt like a bitch! However, it does feel amazing now and I know it will last. So, there you go, I really do trust them with anything! 


As well as having these two crazies, the gang does extend every now and then for trips out (we love a road trip to Frinton!) and games nights. Whatever we do together, we always have such a laugh which is what you want I guess!          


Not only are the girls amazing friends, they are also great with Harrison. They often offer to babysit to give me and Pete a break and they are so good with him. We appreciate their support so much, even when we sometimes come home late to find him sitting eating chocolate watching tv and having a lovely time ;)


Finally, no matter what we do to one another we can always make up for it with a good cuddle. So there you go, my favourites, Elle and Robyn. I love them and always will. As long as they don't find a new bestie and bugger off!  


 I'm sure there are those of you out there who can relate - comment and share your stories. I don't think a girl can get through life without her besties.

That's all from Alice's Wonderland tonight. Have a great one.

Monday, 18 January 2016

New year, calmer me!

Hey everyone!

So, I appreciate I have left it far too long between posts, I've just had a very busy Christmas period and am now finally feeling like I can breath again! School was hectic with the nativity. We did 'A Midwife Crisis'. Look it up - it's great! Then there was the Christmas shopping for all of my family and friends and of course all of Pete's - the woes of a woman, ey? I'm not gonna lie - loved every minute as shopping is my favourite hobby hehe.

I had a great Christmas break with Harrison. We did all sorts from turning our house into a grotto to making yummy Christmas cookies. They're super easy to make and just like the Millie's Cookies ones. Let me know if you'd like the recipe. We got Christmas sprinkles from Aldi - nice and cheap and so easy  to use with a bit of icing. These are great to make all year round!
a reindeer chandelier. We don't work by halves!

 I thought I'd share a couple of pictures from my classroom for any teachers out there. We studied Mog's Christmas and completed lots of Christmas crafts. We made a Christmas tree out of smaller Christmas tress that the children decorated.

I got myself a book called Calm with a voucher I received for Christmas. The title drew me in as I have a very hectic lifestyle and wanted to feel less stressed. I have been dipping in and out of the book as well as starting to meditate every day and completing a journal. In the journal I have to write something that has made me feel calm, something I am grateful for and 3 highlights of the day. Sometimes I write what I feel are mundane things like watching a great film but I feel like writing this information down helps me to concentrate on the positive things in my life and let go of any negative feelings a lot quicker. I certainly feel calmer in myself and am learning to live for now. After all, yesterday is history and tomorrow - who knows?! We need to live like every day is our last!

Following on from the above, I want to do more writing this year as it's something I have a great passion for. Please let me know what you would like me to write about. I have lots of loves - teaching/shopping for anything/being a Mummy/craft bits/cooking. I also plan to record more vlogs which I will share on here as and when.
That's all from Alice's wonderland today!