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Friday, 3 March 2017

15 weeks pregnant and tired!

I'm up the duff! Harrison is one excited little boy.
 I shared the happy news with the world last week that Pete, Harrison and I are expecting a new addition to the our little family. However exciting this new is, it doesn't stop the feeling of pure exhaustion I am experiencing right now. Since finding out I'm pregnant, I have been feeling sick, tired, had sore boobs and have what I would call  a superhuman sense of smell. Although I haven't actually been sick, every time I smell something my newly pregnant body doesn't like, I wretch. My lovely husband, Pete, says that I sound like a dinosaur and my son, Harrison, now often imitates the sound - what a lovely pair of boys I have! I've also gone off everything I would normally love, in particular lush products, smelly candles and chocolate. It's like I'm a different person - newly discovering my likes and dislikes.

As I have previously mentioned, I am a teacher - a very full on and tiring job. This week the exhaustion has got so bad that I've had to come home from work this week and take a couple of days off. Now enters the mum guilt. I feel guilty that I'm not at work doing my job properly; I feel guilty that I can't play with Harrison as much; I feel guilty that I don't fancy doing the dinner or housework. Why is it that us women carry so much guilt?! I love my husband but when he gets in from work and goes straight on his computer instead of doing housework or playing with his child, I highly doubt he feels any guilt at all. Perhaps it's because we women are more of an emotional sex but it's draining and I do wish I could let it go every now and then.

I've been studying a lot about mindfulness recently and have discovered, understand and now use a little saying whenever I am worried, stressed or feeling low; 'it is what it is until it isn't'.  Simple words that say so much; there really is nothing I can do about the way I'm feeling at the moment, apart from of course eating and sleeping well - both of which I feel I am doing. I believe that feeling this tired is my body's way of saying "Alice, you are growing and carrying a small human being and you need to have a bloody rest!" So maybe for once I should listen to my body, take some rest and hopefully, as everyone keeps promising me, get my energy back in a few weeks time. Here's to hoping!

baby at 13 weeks :)

Any other expecting mums out there - I feel for you! Share your pregnancy experiences; every single one is different and even this pregnancy is nothing like my last one.

Have a great weekend!


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